Earlier in 2020, YouTube began testing new filters in the Subscriptions tab of its iOS app to help you sift through the noise of all your followed channels. These filters are now widely rolling out to users on Android.

The filters will seem familiar to everyone, even if they're new for most of us in the Subscriptions tab. We've seen similar ones on  YouTube's home page and in the Up Next queue, but those were topic-based. The new ones for subscriptions are more practical:

  • All videos: default view, shows all videos from your subscriptions, from newest to oldest
  • Today: only videos released in the past 24 hours
  • Continue watching: only videos you started watching and didn't finish
  • Unwatched: only unwatched videos
  • Live: any currently livestreaming channel
  • Posts: community posts, no videos.

You can also tap the Settings button to choose whether you want to see both videos and posts, or just videos.

The filters show up right below the recently added channel selectors in the Subscriptions tab, but if you pick a channel, they disappear. I would've liked them to stay available, mostly to help me find unwatched or incomplete videos from specific channels and catch up on them.

While I appreciate this ability to drill down content in the YouTube app, there are other ways the app could've made things easier to navigate. How about not showing all my liked artists from YouTube Music as subscriptions in the YouTube app? If I like someone's music, it doesn't mean I want to watch all their videos too. And what if YouTube allowed us to create channel collections? There are times when I only want to catch up on my sports channels, times when I want to watch tech videos, and times when I'm just looking for a laugh from my favorite dogs. I don't want to keep jumping and scrolling between channels; collections would make this kind of organization ideal.

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