We're probably all familiar with the six-foot/two-meter social distancing guidelines being promoted these days, but not everyone can easily visualize what that sort of space means. Short of a tape measure, some folks are just left with an approximate guess, but Google has released an easy web-based augmented reality experiment that makes visualizing social distancing guidelines a whole lot easier.

It's called Sodar (not that SODAR), and it doesn't even need an app to run. Just go to sodar.withgoogle.com or goo.gle/sodar in your Chrome browser on an Android device, tap through the various permissions dialogs for things like camera access, etc., and the site will fire up a very intuitive augmented reality experience. Give it a view of the ground to calibrate, and you'll get a clear curved line across the camera's feed to show what two meters of space in every direction would look like.

The projected line in the augmented reality camera feed moves as you do, so you can check to see if those taped-down lines in front of the supermarket till are up to snuff. Keep in mind that although the line is generally accurate (in my testing on a Pixel 4 XL, anyway), it may not be perfectly precise, so treat it as more of an estimation. At a 2m radius, it's also slightly larger than the six feet (1.8m) recommended here in the 'States, but that's still close enough.

Interested in trying it? Just click through to the source below on a compatible Android device and open the link in Chrome. Do note that it doesn't work on iOS, and some Android devices, including a few recent models, don't like it. Your phone may need to be ARCore-compatible, but it appears there are also additional unknown device requirements — your mileage may vary.