I/O 2016 feels like an eternity ago. It was a simpler time when Google didn't know what it would call Android N, Daydream was new, Allo had just launched, and the smart speaker ecosystem was about to see the first challenger to Amazon's Echo thanks to the original Google Home. With its iconic air freshener design, removable bases, and innovative features, the original Google Home quickly became one of the most interesting devices to come out of Google in 2016, and started a whole lineage of Home and Nest speakers and smart displays. Four years later, the Home appears to be reaching the end of its life as it's "no longer available" on Google's Store.

Until a few days ago, the Google Home was still selling for $99 on the US Store. The "No longer available" notice showed up today. The situation is similar in Japan and Canada (the latter has a "Join waiting list" button, though), but other countries still have the speaker in stock.

We don't know if this is a temporary measure or if the Home has been completely discontinued, but we've reached out to Google and will update you if we hear back.

With the Home out, Google is no longer offering a midrange smart speaker. You can either pick up a Mini, a Max, or one of the Nest displays. Odds are the midsize Home's successor, if it exists, is still a few months out at the very least. Rumors of such a device have been popping up for over a year now, but there's nothing even remotely concrete. Given the propensity of leaks these days, it's hard to imagine that Google has kept that speaker under wraps so tightly.