OnePlus can't churn out its flagship 8 Pro as quickly as people are demanding them, which is proving to be a bit of a problem. We've already learned that the shortage in the US is causing them to sell for hundreds over sticker, but there are supply issues elsewhere in the world, too. OnePlus has just announced that it will be utilizing flash sales for the 8 Pro in European markets to alleviate these problems.

According to OnePlus, some components in the 8 Pro are taking weeks to arrive after orders have been placed, vastly delaying the arrival of stock in their European warehouses. As a result, the company will be hosting weekly flash sales starting this Thursday at 10am UK time. Only the Glacial Green 12+256 model will be available every week. The Ultramarine Blue version will be available only for the first flash sale on Thursday, May 28. To clarify, OnePlus is not offering any form of discount for these flash sales.

Unsurprisingly, OnePlus is experiencing similar supply issues for the 8 Pro in India. OnePlus India will be hosting a "special limited sale" for the non-Pro 8 on Friday, May 29 at 12pm India time, but the 8 Pro has been delayed indefinitely with no ETA given.

All this is obviously disappointing news for prospective buyers of the OnePlus 8 Pro, especially in the US and India where availability hasn't been updated at all. At least our friends in Europe are getting a shot at the rationed supply.

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