Gmail’s desktop interface has got a whole bunch of customization options — some from its early days and others that were introduced as part of the more recent Material facelift. But it has never been easy to find them in the complex maze that is Gmail's main settings. Thankfully, Google is fixing that somewhat with a new quick settings menu that's more accessible and brings all those scattered features together in one place.

The settings cog has been moved to a more prominent location in the main header bar, between the Google apps launcher and the help button, and clicking it takes you to the brand-new quick settings menu. It is now a richer, more interactive version of the existing text-only list that pops out from the side and adds a couple of extra features. The sidebar lists all the traditional Theme options along with all the Inbox Type tweaks and a prettier Density picker. Reading Pane and Email Threading have also made their way onto the new Quick Settings panel. If you want to see the full settings page, simply click the 'See all settings' button at the top.

Google says that the new feature will come to both those using G Suite and personal Gmail accounts at roughly the same time. Though the rollout has already started, it could take close to a month to upgrade everyone's accounts. It’s a server-side process that requires no user intervention, so you just have to sit tight and wait for it to arrive.