Microsoft has just rolled our a preview version of a new Xbox Family Settings app. available now on the Play Store. The new app promises the ability to remotely manage some of your family group settings for compatible Xbox consoles (and, seemingly, in Windows). That means you can add family members to your account, view weekly or daily activity reports, and impose limits like screen time restrictions and content/game ratings all from your phone.

Images from the app listing.

Based on the images published (I lack an Xbox or a family to test it), the Xbox Family Settings app has a relatively straightforward interface, with a three-tab navigation bar. The left-most Family tab lists family members by their names, says how much time they've used in the day out of their maximum allotment, and has a button for adding new family members — probably not something you'll need to do too often unless you were very busy during lockdown. You can further open an expanded view for individual family members that shows how their time has been spent on both day- and week-long views across platforms, and that includes Windows.


The middle tab gives you access to a feed of notifications, like requests to add more screen time or allow friendship connections. Settings are also available for modifying details regarding each family member, like if they can add friends on their own and who they can communicate with. Based on these screenshots, it looks like this section is accessible from both the Settings tab and the settings/cog icon on the individual family member's expanded view in the Family section.

Although the app is currently labeled as a preview, it also has a further testing program available if you'd like to keep your family controls on the bleeding edge's bleeding edge. The app is so new, in fact, that Microsoft's documentation hasn't been updated to mention it yet. It's also much more limited than the privacy and safety settings available on-console, but given the "preview" nature of this release, we could see more features added in later releases.

Xbox Family Settings
Xbox Family Settings