Wemo's smart home products are far from perfect, with sometimes-difficult setup processes, tricky integration with third-party services, and an Android app that currently has 2/5 stars on the Play Store. Some of those issues stem from how Wemo doesn't have a unified account system, but the company is fixing that today.

Wemo revealed today that it now offers Wemo Accounts, which pairs your smart home devices to a single online account with an email and password — similar to how most other smart home ecosystems already function. Before now, Wemo devices operated entirely on your local network (so anyone on your Wi-Fi could control your devices), with PIN-based authentication for connecting to third-party services like Google Assistant and IFTTT. While this did reduce dependence on cloud services for Wemo devices, the mobile apps have always had issues discovering devices on local networks.

The new account system shifts all of the device management away from your local network and onto cloud services, which should reduce problems with the Wemo apps and integrations with third-party services. However, account creation is currently broken, which is very on-brand for Wemo.

Wemo says your devices shouldn't require firmware updates to use the new account system, you only need version 1.25 or later of the mobile app, which arrived today on the Play Store. We have the APK on APKMirror if you want it, but again, accounts are broken right now.

Belkin's support page explains that online accounts will become mandatory for Wemo devices at some point in the future, and they are required starting today if you want to connect Wemo devices to services like Alexa, IFTTT, and Google Assistant. Existing connections to third-party services should continue to work until you create an account, at which point, you will need to reconnect Wemo to those services.

Developer: Belkin
Price: Free