RCS has always been advertised as the next-generation SMS replacement, but carriers haven't exactly been rushing to roll out the new chat features. That's why Google took matters into its own hands and rolled out its Jibe-supported network via its Messages app, but solutions like T-Mobile's Advanced Messaging haven't been compatible. That's changing, as T-Mobile and Google have teamed up to upgrade the carrier's RCS implementation and make it work with any network connected to Jibe across the globe.

While T-Mobile was the first US carrier to introduce RCS back in 2015, its implementation wasn't compatible with Google's solution and was limited to a few phone models. Thus, the cooperation with Google is a direly needed step to make RCS the universal platform that it was promised to be. The change means that T-Mobile customers can rely on RCS to communicate with anyone using a network connected to Jibe, such as Google's own Messages app, Sprint, or Rogers in Canada.

Hopefully, this cooperation is only the first and will be followed by many others — broader adoption of Jibe-supported RCS across carriers and worldwide would be great. Google sure seems to be pushing for it, as the company is currently enabling rich text features for its Messages app in multiple international markets. If you want to know more about RCS, check out our extensive guide on the rather complicated affair.