Google's test integrating search results with YouTube may have only been the start of a larger coordinated cross-service promotional effort from the company. One of our readers has spotted popular related YouTube recommendations appearing on game listings in the Play Store, under a new "Watch others play" section.

Watch others play — powered by YouTube.

So far, this new "Watch others play" header and its included videos aren't appearing for us on the Play Store, but they did for our tipster, showing a side-scrolling carousel of seemingly curated videos from YouTube related to the listed game — PUBG Mobile, in the case above.

Embedded YouTube videos play directly in the Play Store, and that arrow to the side brings you to a whole list of videos related to the game.

Google could eventually use these videos to cross-promote content from its YouTube Gaming partners, though it appears to be sticking to more "general" gaming YouTube for now. In addition to the usual server-side A/B testing considerations, this test could also be limited to specific markets.

Either way, Google seems to be stepping up the integration and cross-promotion between its various services, and I wouldn't be surprised to hear if Search or YouTube cards start to appear inside some other app in a few more days.

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  • Himanshu Nigam