Motorola was right on the verge of turning irrelevant in the premium smartphone segment when it decided to bounce back with a modern-day flip phone. The new Moto Razr managed to get people interested by striking a nostalgic chord, even if hardware like a Snapdragon 700-series chip kept power users wanting more. As thoughts turn to a follow-up Razr, a new report talks about possible iterative upgrades for its camera and battery, and an official source helps us narrow down the launch time frame.

On the Reframed Tech podcast, a South African Lenovo executive confirmed that a new Razr phone could land sometime in September this year. Adding to that bit of information, XDA says that with the Razr 2, Motorola’s focus is on more developed North American and Chinese markets than the low-performing ones like India and those in Europe and Latin America. With heightened competition and better availability of components, Moto should consider bringing the prices down quite a bit, but that’s something we’ll only get to know more about later this year.

As for the hardware itself, XDA reports the upcoming Razr (XT2071-4) is said to rock the Snapdragon 765 processor and support 5G, which could be a bit of a concern when paired with a tiny battery. Motorola might bump the battery size ever so slightly to 2845mAh from the already meager 2510mAh of the original model. That increased capacity still isn’t even reasonably big for a normal 2020 phone, let alone a foldable with two screens.

In addition to these, we might get a RAM increase up to 8GB and the internal storage could also double to 256GB. The single-camera setup of the existing Razr may see an upgrade to a 48MP ISOCELL Bright GM1 sensor from Samsung, while the front (inner?) camera could be swapped for a 20MP unit. However, the handset’s two displays — perhaps the most critical parts on a foldable — will likely not get any improvements.