Human memory is a funny thing. You'll never be able to forget that time you embarrassed yourself in fifth grade, but you probably can't remember where you had lunch a few weeks ago. Google Maps can help with the latter. Your Maps Timeline remembers everywhere you go, but what if you want to remove some locations? That's about to get easier with bulk deletion support.

When you opt into Location History, that data remains accessible in your Maps Timeline. You can access that from the Android app or on the web. The Timeline has always allowed you to delete a saved location, either because it's wrong or for privacy reasons. You can also use multi-select to create new place lists. Soon, you'll be able to multi-select to delete multiple locations at once.

Google says bulk delete will roll out to the Timeline on Android next month -- we've verified it isn't live yet. In the meantime, you can still blank out all or part of your Location History in the Web and Activity account settings.


Google had promised that the option to bulk delete from your Maps timeline would go live in January, but it took a little longer as it still wasn't there when we checked in early March. We don't know when it appeared exactly (late March, April, or May), but it's now live.

To get it, tap on your avatar in the top right of Maps, then choose Timeline, and choose the Places, Cities, or World tabs. Once you get to the list of places inside these, choose the blue Select button, check the different items you want to get rid of, then tap the blue delete icon. All visits to that particular place will be removed from your history.

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