YouTube has been spotted showing results from Google Search together with videos in the YouTube Android app's search results. Though the test isn't mentioned in Google's current list of YouTube test features and experiments, these "Results from the web" have been spotted appearing in search results in the YouTube app, linking to results from Google Search.

The feature doesn't appear to be live for us in the YouTube app on our own devices, but one affected user posted a screenshot depicting the new feature to Reddit yesterday:

"Results from the web" pointing to Google Search at the bottom appear to be new. 

While we don't have the feature ourselves to test it, it seems to work quite simply, showing a single top result for related search terms in Google Search, and a prompt to open a full search externally (we assume via a browser, but potentially in the Google app).

Though it's a minor change, reactions on Reddit were about what you'd expect from the venue.

Google does tend to do lots of silent, server-side flag tests like these, though YouTube is known to be a bit more upfront in listing those it's actively doing. Perhaps we'll hear more from the company about this particular test in the future.