Huawei has been in hot water for over a year now, with the United States blocking most trade with the company and various countries ripping out Huawei-made equipment from its 5G networks. The United Kingdom is still buying hardware from Huawei to build its telecom networks, but that could soon change.

The Telegraph, The Guardian, and other outlets are reporting that Prime Minister Boris Johnson is planning to reduce Huawei's involvement in the United Kingdom's 5G networks. The eventual goal is for all Huawei equipment to be removed by 2023, and the country already blocks Huawei hardware from being used in "sensitive functions."

Boris Johnson reportedly agreed to the policy after substantial pressure from Conservative MPs, mostly due to growing tensions with China over its handling of the coronavirus outbreak. The change in policy will likely help relationships with the United States, which previously threatened to withhold intelligence data from the country unless it severed ties with Huawei.