Ultimate Ears has done the seemingly impossible by managing to create, not one, but an entire lineup of recognizable, portable Bluetooth speakers among a crowded field of competitors. Right now, you can grab the Megaboom 3, the company's most advanced waterproof speaker, for an all-time low of $119.99 at Amazon and Best Buy — with the latter throwing in a free charging dock that usually retails for $39.99 on its own. And, if you happen to pick one up now, you'll save about $80 off the list price.

With the exception of the recently released Hyperboom, the Megaboom 3 is the latest in UE's line of portable Bluetooth speakers and is sure to impress with its IP67 waterproofing and an internal air pocket, allowing it to float if falls in while you're listening pool-side. This model also includes UE's "one-touch" music button to get the tunes playing even faster, and you can even sync up with other Boom speakers if one, somehow, isn't quite loud enough.

To grab one of these powerful, portable speakers, follow either of the links below. Considering that this is the lowest price we've seen yet on the Megaboom 3, these deals may not last long — especially if you're hoping to snag that complimentary charging stand.

Good news! There's an even better deal out there on the UE Megaboom 3, as long as you're okay with one of the company's... more adventurous color options. It appears that BuySpruy, a third-party reseller, has units available in the "Urban Magenta" color scheme (pictured below) available for $99.99.

This discount presents an excellent opportunity to save even more, as long as you don't have your heart set on a particular color. Whether you're looking for an additional UE device to add to your speaker group or on the hunt for the absolute best deal out there, follow the links below to grab an especially vivid Megaboom 3 that's sure to liven up your next listening session before the music even starts.

The UE Megaboom sales just keep coming. Today, we bring you a sizeable price cut on the Megaboom 2 Remix, which, as best we can tell, is a rebadged Megaboom 3, packaged for exclusive sale at Costco. Members can grab one and receive a complimentary charging dock (a $39.99 value) for just $109.99 (non-members will pay $7.50 more) from the link below.