Google released its Files app in the play store a few years back, but it was branded as a "Go" app for low-end devices. Here's the thing: everyone needs to clear out their storage on occasion. So, Google dropped the "Go," and now the app has hit the 500 million download milestone.

Files has a basic file browser, but that's not its primary function. It helps clear out old and duplicate files to save space, and it can share files between devices without the internet. It turns out a lot of people are into that feature set. You see a lot of apps offering similar functionality, but they're usually crawling with ads and shady permissions. It's nice to have a Google alternative.

At 500 million downloads, Files joins the likes of Google Calculator, Keep, and SwiftKey. If you want to help nudge Files toward the 1 billion milestone, you can grab it in the Play Store or from APK Mirror.