Buying a new phone is a big decision, especially with the prices these days. For most of us, dropping several hundred bucks isn't something that can be easily done. You've got to plan for and budget it out well in advance. But once you've made the actual purchasing decision, the credit card's been charged, and you get that delivery notification, there's one more choice you've got to make: If you still have it, what do you do with the old phone?

There are a lot of things you can do with an old phone. The easy option is to sell it, or maybe give it away to a friend or family member. But you can also donate it or repurpose it for something else like a security camera or a coffee table Chromecast remote, among plenty of other DIY ideas. Or it might just end up in a drawer as a spare, in case something happens to that new one. Of course, all this is assuming you even still have your old phone. Sometimes the very reason you upgrade is that your last phone was broken, lost, or stolen.

Here at AP, I live (and work) in a bit of a bubble. When I buy a new phone, I usually need to keep the old one for coverage purposes, things like checking app compatibility, feature rollouts, device updates, you name it. In short, I have to be a bit of a phone hoarder, though I wasn't like that back in my pre-blogging days. But I'm curious to hear what you do with your phone when you get a new one.

What did you do with your last phone when you upgraded?

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