Password managers and 2FA apps are a personal affair. From cloud to self-hosting to offline, there are different approaches that try to balance out convenience and security, and every one of us will end up weighing those differently and picking what works for them. I used Enpass for several years, but for the past 18 months or so, I found myself gravitating toward Myki. Now the app has finally added Android 10's biometrics API in v1.27, which means it supports face unlock on the Pixel 4.

Myki's approach to password management and 2FA is unique. I spent several thousands of words explaining it when I reviewed the app in 2018, and although the app has improved a lot since (and stayed a little quirky in several regards), the gist remains the same. Your passwords reside offline on your phone, and are only E2E encrypted and transmitted when needed to other phones or computers. Your identity is linked to your phone number as a first means of authentication. But to gain access to any of your data, any hacker would need the Myki file, the phone number to get a verification SMS, and your chosen PIN to unlock. This three-legged requirement is what keeps me using the app — it seems like the most secure approach to me.

With biometric authentication, you don't need to manually enter the PIN each time you open Myki, whether you want to use the full app or just autofill a password field on your Android phone. Previously, the app only supported fingerprint scanners, but has now implemented Android 10's proper API, which includes face unlock.

To turn it on, you need to go to the Profile tab -> Authentication Settings, and make sure Android 10 Authentication is enabled. On my Pixel 4 XL, the app unlocks instantaneously without any unnecessary confirmation prompts, so you simply tap the icon, make sure your face is visible, and less than a second later, you're looking at all of your data.

If you want to give the app a go, you can grab it from the Play Store below. It's free, but there are in-app purchases for custom tags, fields, account images, and more — nothing really essential. The service also offers a Teams subscription for companies.