Chrome 83 started rolling out to desktop and mobile platforms earlier this week, and while there were quite a few new features, it seems some bugs also slipped in undetected. The new update has been crashing on some Asus-made phones and tablets, but Google says a fix is on the way.

Shortly after Chrome 83 started to roll out on Android, reports started coming in of tabs instantly crashing on select Asus phones. The main affected devices appear to be the Zenfone Max Pro M1 and Max Pro M2, and the issue also causes Chrome Custom Tabs (and possibly embedded WebViews) to fail.

Chrome's support team later replied to a forum thread about the issue, explaining that Google is working on an update that resolves the crashes. "Our team has investigated these reports and can confirm that we are seeing a larger than usual number of crashes on some ASUS devices on the latest Chrome stable version," a support manager wrote. "We are working on an update that will resolve this behavior."

In the meantime, the only fix is to uninstall all updates to Google Chrome from the Play Store. Not fun, but certainly better than not being able to load web pages.

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