Plex is one of the best services for managing your media library without succumbing to the whims of various streaming providers. Earlier this year, it launched standalone music and server management apps on Android, and now there's a new feature coming to Plex Pass members: intro skipping!

Plex will now analyze your shows and create a unique histogram fingerprint out of each episode to figure out where the intro begins and ends. Once they've worked their magical processing in the background, a Skip Intro button will show up in supported player apps. The behind the scenes details are pretty interesting on their own. How does one go about figuring out where intros are when they rarely play at the exact same spot in every episode? By comparing every episode's unique audio signature, they can accurately predict that largely similar-sounding sections are intro sequences.

Audio histogram or abstract art?

Skipping intros requires a Plex Pass subscription for both the server admin and the account used in the player app. To enable it, you'll need to log on to the Plex web app and go to Settings -> Server -> Library, where you can set the 'Generate intro video markers' options.

While this won't be a revolutionary new feature that attracts a lot of new subscribers, it's a nice everyday improvement that will help make Plex users' next binge-watching session a little more seamless. And if you're curious about how to set up a Plex server of your own, check out our handy guide.