If your browse the internet with Google Chrome on a Windows PC, you may be able to take advantage of a new security integration with Windows Hello for autofilling your credit card information.

Check Chrome settings and hit Payment methods in the Autofill section. You may see a new toggle for Windows Hello. Switch it on and you'll then see a Chrome prompt confirming that you'll be using your Hello passcode, face unlock, or fingerprint scan to authenticate a card autofill instead of putting in that card's CVC number. You may also see a Windows system prompt asking you to put in that authentication before going forward.

Developer Owen Williams spotted the feature in Chrome beta earlier today but we were able to turn it on in stable versions of 81 and 83 on multiple Windows devices. That said, we were not able to trigger neither a Chrome nor Windows system prompt for autofill authentication. We're continuing to look into this and will have more details as soon as we can suss them out.