Five years after its acquisition of Authy, Twilio is now adding its ownership stamp on the app. The Play Store listing has been renamed to "Twilio Authy," though the launcher icon retains its simpler "Authy" name. The app also rolled out a new dark mode in its latest beta.

With version 24.3.2, Authy is adding a dark theme which needs to be manually enabled. You'll find the toggle in Settings -> My account > Dark Mode. This is an on/off affair, so you can't have the app follow the default system theme on your phone, and anytime you want to change its state, you'll need to manually toggle it.

The dark mode seems to be well done. All of the app's screens and settings are themed properly on my Pixel 4, and there are no odd black fonts on dark backgrounds or any other bugs.

To get v24.3.2 of Authy, you need to enroll in the app's beta program on the Play Store or you can grab the APK file directly from APK Mirror.


- Dark mode! Enable in Settings
- Bug fixes

Twilio Authy 2-Factor Authentication
Twilio Authy 2-Factor Authentication