Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services in the world, and though the company is over two decades old, it's still adding new features at a steady pace. In April, improved parental controls and profile PIN locks were introduced. Today, the streaming service announced it will be sending out emails to inactive subscribers and will cancel the account if they don't reply.

Netflix will send emails to paying members who haven't watched anything in a year, asking if they still want to keep paying Netflix even though they aren't watching. The message will also display in the Android and iOS apps. If subscribers do not respond, Netflix will automatically cancel their subscriptions.

It's rare for a company to add a feature that will lead to making themselves less money, but that's just what Netflix has done. The company actually mentions this in the blog post, saying that it's factored in the revenue loss, and it won't make a big impact. Netflix says inactive accounts represent less than half of one percent of its user base.

This seems like a good thing for consumers and the company since it'll buy them some extra goodwill without significant financial losses. Even if it leads to some accidental cancellations, your viewing history, preferences, and watchlist stick around for ten months after your subscription ends, so you won't lose your place in Tiger King when you re-subscribe.