We're all probably guilty of watching YouTube before bed, and it's harder to keep track of the time these days. To help make sure you're able to wake up in time for those at-home morning meetings, YouTube is rolling out new bedtime reminders to let you know when it's time to put the phone down, and the options are smart enough to do things like wait until you're done with your current video, too.

This change builds on previous tweaks the company made like break reminders and a daily notification digest, which can help better manage your time. Of course, tools like Digital Wellbeing can also impose strict limits with things like app timers, but that doesn't factor in the sometimes extensive YouTube video selection process — not just any old one will do.

The new bedtime reminder setting will be available on both Android and iOS versions of YouTube, and it can be configured with a start and end time. Another separate option you can enable that will force reminders to wait until you finish your current video, so that you aren't interrupted. (Full instructions on how to use the new setting are here.) Bedtime reminders can also be snoozed for 10 minute periods, or you can simply dismiss them and continue watching.

The feature is available starting today and will be rolling out to all users in the next few days. So far, we don't see it live on any of our devices. We aren't sure if it's controlled by a server-side flag or if an app update will trigger it, but we should all have it soon.