Verizon announced a few bits of 5G news today, including its 35th market in San Diego. The most notable change is support for 5G uploads in all those markets starting now. Uploads probably won't be as fast as 5G downloads, but speeds should be noticeably quicker than LTE.

At launch, Verizon touted gigabit speeds on its millimeter wave 5G network. Although, even when you found coverage with these short-range signals, your uploads wouldn't get any faster. That data went over 4G while downloads ran on 5G. Verizon said 5G uploads would come later, and here we are.

Verizon says users will get 5G uploads in all of its 5G markets, but it'll only be about 30% faster than LTE uploads. So, we're talking hundreds of megabits rather than the multi-gigabit speeds you can get with downloads. Still, it's a nice upgrade for anyone who has access to Verizon's 5G network.