Android 10 is now rolling out for the 2018 LG G7 ThinQ, with reports that it's landing now for some customers on T-Mobile. LG is a bit late to the Android 10 party compared to other flagships of the era, even with that snazzy Software Upgrade Center the company promised all those years ago. But, G7 owners will be happy to see it nonetheless.

Right now, reports indicate that the update has started rolling out in Korea and in the US on T-Mobile, though other American carriers aren't yet included in on the fun. Update sizes in the two markets range from 1.41 to 1.5GB, so you'll want to be on Wi-Fi when you pull it down. LG's Android 10 skin is also apparently missing a few features that customers had expected to see, including a quick settings dark mode toggle and incompatibility with the Google Phone app. Lag with Android 10's gesture navigation system is also reported.

G7 ThinQ customers on other carriers will have to wait a bit longer, though the sibling V40's Android 10 update has already been spotted rolling out to more carriers. In the meantime, those not on T-Mobile can check out some of the features they'll be able to enjoy when they do get the update.

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