One of the most important components of our health is how we sleep. You might consider it as part of a complete, healthy lifestyle — in which case, you'd use an app like Google Fit to track that data — or you might just be focused on how your screen-based activities at bedtime affect your sleep. In that regard, Google may be deploying a two-pronged solution for you to monitor the quality of your slumber through its Digital Wellbeing app.

XDA-Developers was able to surface yet-to-be-released pages from tearing down a beta APK, version 1.0.312292882. As with any unreleased feature, things may change over time or not get released at all.

The new sleep habit tracking feature, complementary to the suite of the existing Bedtime Mode features, requires users to grant new permissions to the Clock and Digital Wellbeing apps so that they can log down and/or process app usage, motion and light sensor activity, and time zone history — all of that data relating to what one does before going to bed or if they wake up in the middle of the night and use their device.

These new vectors may help you determine the quality of your sleep more precisely than other methods by measuring your activity when your sleep's disrupted and taking note of your ambient environment. It'd be nice to see data from smartwatch wearers get utilized to the same effect, but that may be a step taken later on.

By the way, all that data automatically gets wiped if users decide to turn the feature off, according to code strings found in the teardown.

Other unreleased features from this beta update include a way to take down notes before bed and have them pop when users wake up, use time tracking between profiles, and integrations for Digital Wellbeing with third-party apps.

The source link below's got more details on those items. If you'd like to keep an eye on these developments, the APK will be on APK Mirror. Or, sign up for the beta on the Play Store.

Digital Wellbeing
Digital Wellbeing
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