When the Galaxy S20 series first landed, the smaller version of the phone had one feature omission compared to the bigger Ultra and Plus: It lacked mmWave support for 5G. But, we knew that a Verizon-specific version of the phone with mmWave was coming eventually, and now we have a firm time frame. Verizon will release the new phone under the long-winded Samsung Galaxy S20 5G UW name on June 4th for a cool thousand bucks, with pre-orders starting on May 21st at 3:01 AM ET through Verizon's site.

We don't know if there will be any other more minor hardware differences compared to the "ultra wideband" mmWave-less version of the phone, but it's possible. Verizon's version of the OnePlus 8, for example, isn't compatible with the unlocked version's cases due to subtle exterior changes. All published specifications so far indicate it's otherwise identical to the unlocked version, though.

Verizon will have the Galaxy S20 5G UW in several colors, including Cloud Pink, Cosmic Gray, and its own carrier-exclusive Cloud White color, all with 128GB of storage. In addition to mmWave support, the phone will also be compatible with the company's lower-band 5G network when it rolls out later this year.

Those looking to pick one up might want to check that they're in an area served by Verizon's mmWave service first — we maintain a list here. To date, Verizon claims it's live in 34 different cities. And before you get too excited about the prospect of blistering-fast gigabit data, you might want to read up a bit on the subject of mmWave 5G in general.

If a grand upfront is too rich for you, financing is also available to the tune of $41.66 a month over 24 months, and other promotions are also available, like a trade-in program, $150 discount via bill credits for new and existing customers, and a buy-one-get-one deal (up to a $1,000 value). More details regarding promotions and discounts are included in the official press release.