Last year, Walmart released the surprisingly competent Onn 8 Android tablet. A year later, Walmart is launching more Onn tablets, but these are Onn Pro. How "pro" are we talking here? USB-C, Android 10, and higher screen resolutions. Calling that "pro" might be a stretch, but this is Walmart.

The new Onn Pro tablets come in 8 and 10.1-inch versions. The 8-inch version has a 720p screen and 2GB of RAM, and the 10.1 ups that to 1080p and 3GB. Both tablets have a 2GHz Octa-Core ARM chip (presumably MediaTek again), 32GB of storage, and 5MP front and rear cameras. They also have USB Type-C ports instead of the microUSB on last year's Onn tablet.

We are pleasantly surprised to see Android 10 pre-loaded on these tablets, but they still have that bizarre extra navigation button that opens the pre-loaded Walmart app collection. If you can put up with that, you do get a Googley version of Android with the Play Store and associated services. Amazon's tablets might be a little cheaper, but they don't have Google services. The 8-inch Onn Pro costs $99 and the 10.1-inch is $129.