Customers in 27 European countries interested in OnePlus 8-series phones can now pick up Protection Plans for both screen damage and more general accidental protection. The new insurance, which first rolled out in Europe starting on April 30th, has now arrived in 15 more countries including Hungary, Belgium, Denmark, and Sweden.

Customers in all the "Phase 2" countries which were recently added (listed in the image above) have until May 25th to purchase insurance for OnePlus 8-series devices they may have already bought, and all 27 countries have the option for insurance available on checkout.

Keep in mind that OnePlus offers two separate types of Protection Plans: a cheaper plan which only covers the screen and glass, and a slightly more expensive plan that covers more types of damage. Prices, plans, and available coverage periods in different markets also vary. Deductible access fees also vary depending on the type of damage, you'll want to give the Protection Plan details for your country a glance if you're considering either.