Netflix, along with several other online streamers, had to curb its video quality in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic that subsequently led people to move almost their entire life and communication online. Its restrictions have been in place since March in Europe, one of the hardest-hit regions, to ease the strain on network infrastructure. Now that the situation there is showing signs of improvement, Netflix has started removing those quality caps in some areas.

For a bit of context, 4K content on Netflix typically streams with close to 15Mbps bitrate, which the company cut back almost by half in the last couple of months. This helped keep the resolution that the user is paying for, while still consuming less internet bandwidth. Similar changes have been brought to other streaming resolutions as well. According to a few reports coming out of Germany and other neighboring countries, Netflix is restoring the original bitrate. However, those in other European nations haven’t been so lucky just yet.

In a statement to the German outlet Heise, Netflix confirmed that it’s indeed in the process of lifting these streaming quality restrictions. More people in the continent are expected to start seeing the changes in their Netflix accounts in the next few days or weeks as the company covers more markets.