Whenever I'm shopping for accessories, I try to choose quality over quantity, always searching for one product to meet my needs while limiting bulk and clutter. Even still, I've somehow accumulated no less than half a dozen portable batteries, each chosen to top off a new device more quickly or to have access to just a bit more energy on lengthy camping trips. If you're in the same boat and you'd like one travel power bank to rule them all, you should check out Goal Zero's Sherpa 100 AC, which is currently available from Amazon for an all-time low of $224.96 after receiving a $74.99 price reduction.

This beast of a battery manages to pack an air travel-approved 94.72Wh of capacity, a Qi wireless charging pad, and a monochrome display which shows some system information (power in/out, remaining charge, and configuration options) into a 2lb package that's only slightly larger than a paperback book. Wired outputs include two USB 60W Power Delivery compatible Type-C ports, two 2.4A USB Type-A ports, and a single 100W 110V AC outlet.

Whether you need enough juice to charge your entire home office or you're looking to electrify your campsite a bit longer while off-grid, all you need to do is follow the link below to grab this beefy battery at the best price we've seen yet.