As part of its monthly Q&A (or FAQ — the company calls it both), OnePlus has just revealed a handful of smaller but still much-appreciated tweaks we can look forward to in its OxygenOS software. In addition to finally getting the Dark Mode toggle we've been clamoring for, we can also look forward to multitasking interface tweaks, lower volume settings, and other minor launcher fixes — though each change is tied to its own separate schedule.

First up: a Dark Mode toggle in Quick Settings. For whatever reason, OnePlus elected not to include the toggle that seems to be present in stock Android with its version of Android 10. The only way to change the setting was through the "Customization" section in Settings — far less convenient for those that want manual control. While there's still no word on when we'll get a time-based toggle for Dark Mode, the company has said that the Quick Settings toggle is being scheduled for internal testing this month, and it's set to be included in a future Open Beta release, if all goes well.

The new interface will probably look like this. 

OnePlus doesn't describe the multitasking interface changes it has planned, but I give good odds it'll be similar (if not identical) to the changes we saw in testing last month. The company claims these tweaks will make multitasking more convenient, improving "operation efficiency." Among all the tweaks on this list, it sounds like this is the one we'll see first, as OnePlus says it's already on the "Beta stage" on the Play Store and set to launch in a few days. A handful of other launcher changes are already live, including bugfixes for disappearing icon names and general lag in a handful of circumstances.

Lastly, those that think the lowest volume level on OnePlus phones is still too loud will be happy to hear that the company is making some adjustments. OnePlus is "optimizing the curve of the first five levels of volume changes" in this month's Open Beta so that average loudness at lower settings can go even lower.

Again, timelines for these features individually vary. While some are tied to app updates and can roll out more quickly and widely to a larger number of devices, others that require system-level changes are subject to a slower rollout via the Open Betas first, and there's no telling how long that might ultimately take, or which devices will get those changes. Still, we can look forward to seeing these OxygenOS tweaks land over the coming days, weeks, and months.