One of Android's greatest strengths is the platform's diversity, allowing manufacturers to customize as they see fit with their own tweaks and changes. Samsung fans, for example, often point at features that the company implemented first, which later trickled down into stock Android. While we're all probably familiar with most of the big headlining features from each company's software, what are your favorite lesser-known or underappreciated Android features?

Different companies take very different approaches to software design. I like to think of Samsung devices as being a sort of "kitchen sink" approach, cramming in basically everything you can think of — unfortunately burying much of it in so many hidden menus and separate apps that it almost requires a degree in Samsung software to understand it all. But even with that added complexity, things like the "multi window tray" and bubble-based app pinning are pretty handy for multitasking on a small screen.

Samsung's not the only company that's made improvements on top of stock Android, though. OnePlus's Oxygen OS might be a relatively light skin (at least, visually), but it also has a few great relatively unknown features. There are even some changes I found in the TCL 10L that I really enjoyed. Some great unique features also make use of hardware tweaks, like the Pixel's Active Edge functionality for summoning the Assistant, or the Flex Mode in the Galaxy Z Flip (which will eventually come to other devices).

Rather than limit ourselves to a poll this week, let's expand the discussion and make some good use of that comments section. What are your favorite lesser-known or underappreciated features?