Fingerprint sensors were the norm for a long time, but face unlock reentered the scene as the smartphone biometric authentication method a couple years back. Secure apps have been relatively slow to adopt face unlock, but TD Ameritrade has just become the latest finance-related app to support it.


Log in with Face Unlock—Conveniently log in to TD Ameritrade Mobile using facial recognition. To change your log-in method to Face Unlock, go to Settings from the More menu.
FAQ now available from Contact Us—Browse common questions and avoid long wait times on the phone due to market volatility and the impact of COVID-19.

If you'd like to turn face unlock on, just head into your TD app's settings. There, you can enable it for logins, trading, and cash movement. It's all pretty straightforward.

The update is already rolling out, so check your Play Store queue if you don't have it yet. Now, if only Chase would add face unlock as well...

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