Remote viewing parties have never been more popular, which should surprise no one. For those of you who have been watching TV shows and movies with your friends through the interwebs, you might be pleased to hear that Scener, which touts itself as a virtual movie theater, has just added official support for HBO GO and HBO NOW.

Scener has already had support for Netflix streaming, but in an unofficial capacity. HBO's compatibility, on the other hand, is now officially supported on Windows, macOS, and Chrome OS devices. Scener cofounder Joe Braidwood said in a statement by email that Scener is experiencing 15 times as much traffic as it did before this whole pandemic thing, and we're sure at least a few of those users will be grateful for the HBO support.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, watch parties allow friends to watch the same movie or show simultaneously. Scener in particular can currently handle up to 20 people through video chat at once, but support for even larger parties is said to be coming in the next few days. Scener can be installed via the Chrome Web Store.