JustWatch is a neat way to find out which streaming service has the TV show or movie you’re looking for. But wouldn’t it be better if you could simply ask the Google Assistant to do the searching part? While there is no official solution from JustWatch yet, an indie developer was able to deliver the capability using an Assistant action.

Created by Vinay Wadhwa, the Just Watch action is a bare-bones version of the popular service, but it still manages to get the basics right. You’re required to take the two-step process here: first, say “talk to Just Watch” to invoke the action, and then utter a movie or show’s name. The Assistant will tell you the streaming provider(s) that’s hosting the content in your country. If the app’s unable to detect your location based on the default device language, the results will default to the United States.

I made this Alexa (and GoogleHome) Voice 🗣️ App to find WHERE your movies and tv-shows are available for STREAMING 🧐 from r/alexa

In our testing, the unofficial Assistant integration worked as advertised on both an Android phone and a Home speaker. However, more granular controls and filters of the main JustWatch app haven’t been ported yet, but the developer said in a Reddit thread that he’s working on adding a few of those.

Down the line, you can expect to get a response with a single streamlined command, be able to select your region and filter providers, etc. The voice bot works similarly on Alexa in five English-speaking areas (US, UK, CA, AU, and IN), but the list is a bit more exhaustive on the Assistant.