We've highlighted apps from Simple Mobile Tools before as great, open-source, data-light alternatives to the basic tools Google provides for your Android phone. Now you can notch another one into that belt as the developer has just come out with a Simple Dialer app. And it's free.

Simple Dialer is like canned food in that it has inside what it says on the tin. The app's appearance is totally customizable, right down to even the app icon's color (changes visible where phones UIs support them). You can also drop home screen shortcuts to instant calls with your closest contacts or, if you're old-fashioned, set your speed dial.

Unlike Google's Phone app, Simple Dialer does not ask for permission to access and/or modify your files and media or location data. Heck, it won't even ask for SMS privileges. It sticks to telephony, logging down calls, and contacts.

So, being much different to most canned foods, this app doesn't leave a bad taste in your mouth. It's also free, did we mention that? Grab it from the Play Store or APK Mirror.