The Google Home app has become this awkward monolithic thing over the years, expanding with more options, settings, and duties as Google's smart home ecosystem has grown. It can be pretty hard to find what you need without some sort of degree in Googleology — or at least some extensive searching. But an update that's now widely rolling out makes navigating through your home's settings a little easier.

Left: Before. Right: After. 

Things in the retitled Home settings menu (accessible via the Home app -> Settings cog icon under "Home") are slightly reorganized, with new section headers that mostly match what we had before, but a couple of the contents have been shuffled around, and names are more concise. Individual sub-sections are now preceded by icons, which should slightly enhance discoverability. Things are now categorized under "General," "Features," and "Services." The "Delete this home" option at the bottom of the list is also now gone, replaced by "Leave this home."

"Home nickname" and "Home address" have been moved together under the new "Home information" section, and individual home members are no longer visible outside the renamed "Household" section. All the items previously in 'Rooms, groups, and devices" have been moved to the new "Rooms and devices" section. "Notifications" has also been moved down into the "Features" section.

Lastly, the new "Services" section appears to have most of the same contents as the previous "Google Assistant services" section, but with some shuffling around.

The update was first spotted by 9to5Google rolling out a few days ago, but it can take a day or two for Google to hit full deployment. Based on the newly updated Play Store changelog, it's now rolling out widely:

Over the next few days we’ll be rolling out the following:
We’ve updated settings to give you better control of features and services in your home. Tap the Settings quick action to see the new layout.

You should be able to download this latest update (v2.22.1.11) at the Play Store, but if it isn't available, you can also get it over at APK Mirror.

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