The Pixel 4a still isn't out yet, but already the wallpapers it is expected to ship with have been pulled from the phone obtained by Cuban YouTube channel TechnoLike Plus. Published just earlier today by XDA Developers, they're all pretty wild, embracing the hole-punch camera with Google's usual bright colors and some fanciful designs.

Like we said, pretty wild. 

Almost all of the wallpapers highlight the hole-punch camera as a feature, rather than something to be hidden with a dark portion of the background. Some of them even get pretty wild with it, though others are more subtle. It reminds me of some of the Hidey Hole wallpapers for Galaxy phones, which embraced the camera cutout rather than hide it, as Samsung first tried to. It's a bold choice for Google, and I personally think some of these wallpapers look pretty good. (That is, apart from the last one in the gallery above, which looks like it might have suffered an error when it was copied.)

Our gallery above should allow you to save the full-size versions, but if you run into any issues or you'd rather grab them all at once, TechnoLike Plus's Julio Lusson has also uploaded them in a single zip file to Mega.

There's no word yet on what sort of so-called "live" (read: animated) wallpapers the Pixel 4a might ship with, but these static ones are pretty dang snazzy.