Sure, Bluetooth speakers have gotten much cheaper over the last couple of years, and shoppers have more choices than ever when deciding which one to buy. However, you'll find significantly fewer options once you start adding on features like water-resistance, NFC pairing, and a built-in power bank. If you'd like your next speaker to have any, or all, of these features, you'll want to check out the Anker Soundcore Boost. Right now, you can pick one up as part of Amazon's latest Deal of the Day for an all-time low of $44.99, saving yourself $15 in the process.

When we reviewed the Soundcore Boost, we were impressed by its sleek, minimal design, bass-heavy audio that can handily fill room-sized areas with sound, and a 5200mAh battery that delivers 10-12 hours of playback and doubles as a USB power bank. Unfortunately, other aspects of the audio quality weren't quite as impressive, and we also noticed a fair amount of distortion at higher volume settings, but, at roughly half of the original price, these shortcomings are far more palatable.

If you've recently found yourself at home listening to more music or podcasts than ever before, you're not alone, and you may as well be able to enjoy them wherever you like. Regardless of whether it ends up in your home office or outside, by the pool or barbeque, this little speaker should be great at filling any gaps in your current home audio setup.