Samsung has so far launched a pair of foldable phones, both with sky-high prices. While as a brand, it can feel nice to have a couple ultra-premium phones on your store shelves that are effectively reserved for your most well-to-do customers, even a fancy folding phone is going to need a sensibly priced model in order to drive real volumes. It looks like Samsung may be catching on to that, as the company's rumored to be working on a cheaper variant of its $2,000 Galaxy Fold.

Max Weinbach of XDA, known for his often-accurate Samsung-related predictions, tweeted some details of the unannounced Galaxy Fold Lite. According to him, the Lite model will have the same vertically folding form factor of the original Fold, but its secondary display would be much smaller, like the barely usable one on the Z Flip. The main inner screen will likely keep the traditional plastic polymer layer and not adopt the ultra-thin glass of the Z Flip, presumably to keep prices low.

The alleged Galaxy Fold Lite would largely stick to premium build materials, skipping the 'glasstic' back of other Galaxy Lites. Though the phone is said to recycle parts from Samsung flagships released in the last couple of years, it may use the newer Snapdragon 865 processor (albeit without 5G access) and have 256GB of storage.

As for its price, the Fold Lite could cost $1100, which by no means is cheap, but it’s still a significant step down from the Galaxy Fold. As Max disclaims in a following tweet, these details should be taken with a pinch of salt. Samsung is separately working on a proper follow-up to the original Fold, which is rumored to arrive paired with an S Pen.