Some time ago, Google embarked on a project to update the styling of its numerous apps, and they all became very, very bright. The flip side of that is the dark mode now available in most of Google's apps. However, dark mode appears to be broken in the beta Google app for virtually everyone who has a non-Pixel device.

The Google app should have a menu option to choose between light, dark, and system default themes. This applies to the Google app itself, Discover, and Assistant. Because of some mysterious issues, all those interfaces remain blindingly white on affected devices.

We've confirmed this is happening on at least some OnePlus and Samsung phones, but Google's Pixel phones still work correctly. Some users say this happened after the most recent Google beta app update, but it could be a combination of the app update and a server-side switch. It's just hard to know with things like this. All we can say for certain is Google broke something, and you'll have to wait for Google to fix it.

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