Admit it, your soul demands a meal made of crazy guns, demons from Hell, and a side of exploding barrels. If you were a gamer back in the late 90s, your first taste of this exquisite dish may have been served up by DOOM 64, a sequel to DOOM II launched exclusively on the Nintendo 64. It's back after 25 years, but this time on Stadia; and now everybody can be nostalgically engulfed in the low resolution chaos.

Bethesda and Nightdive Studio are responsible for dusting the cobwebs from the game originally developed and published by Midway. Similar ports were also released back in March for Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

This is a remaster, but mostly for technical quality. In other words, the graphics have been updated so they aren't stretched out and blurry on modern high resolution screens, but still retain the profoundly ugly pixelated look of the original — just like the Pain Elemental intended.

Stadia players that bought DOOM Eternal on or before April 3rd should have already received an email with a code to redeem DOOM 64 for free as part of the Rip and Tear Pack. For those that missed out, or chose not to buy Eternal, DOOM 64 is available for just $4.99.