Google seems to think that YouTube Music is ready for prime time, as the company has just announced that the long-awaited migration from Play Music will happen later this year. But there is at least one annoying bug to fix before all its customers can consider it a true replacement: Track information from YouTube Music over Bluetooth to in-car entertainment systems is broken for many, a pain for those using their phone for music in the car without Android Auto.

On the one hand, it's a relatively minor issue. Music still works and plays, you just can't see any details regarding it from your infotainment system. But for many paying customers, the issue has been enough of an inconvenience that they've already rolled back to Play Music or switched to competitors like Spotify or Tidal — other services aren't affected. Reports of problems go all the way back to last December.

The issue doesn't seem to be tied to a specific car model, but not all phones are affected. Most reports that mention a particular device specifically call out Google's first-party Pixels, though some OnePlus devices may also be affected. Anecdotally, those affected claim the issue first happened following a YouTube Music update last December.

Some report that rolling back to version 3.43.52 fixes the issue. A smaller number of people have also had success forcing the Bluetooth AVRCP Version in Android's developer options menu to V1.3, though it doesn't work for everyone. Again, other services (including Google's now deathbound Play Music) still share their metadata information over Bluetooth just fine.

With the issue apparently limited to Google's YouTube Music and complaints primarily affecting Google's own Pixel devices, we hope that the company steps up its software support and fixes this now long-standing problem before it forces all of its streaming music customers off of Play Music.

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