Motorola has expanded the software promise for its latest Edge+ flagship phone. In a statement provided to Droid Life, the company has committed to providing "at least two Android OS upgrades" for the $1,000 phone. (You might have expected that to be a given when you drop a grand, but welcome to Motorola.) Given that it ships with Android 10, that means Motorola has now committed to updating the Edge+ to Android 12 someday.

Motorola's commitment to software updates isn't among the best in the industry. The company has a record of abandoning hardware on older Android releases and being slow to provide updates when it does decide to. Tracking its update history, last year's Z4 hits a mere 2.5/10 on our update tracker. Mid-range and budget phones over previous years have also seen limited support.

With the company's $1,500 Razer only just now getting Android 10 (it launched with Android 9 in 2020, a joke in itself), we hope this software commitment also means that Motorola will be a bit more timely to deliver the updates it has agreed to. It's no good to anyone if the Edge+ gets Android 12 if customers have to wait until 2025 to get it.