You may have never heard of it, but the Crazyracing KartRider series is a popular franchise in South Korea, and so Nexon has finally brought the racer to the West with the release for KartRider Rush+. This is a free-to-play kart racer, much like Mario Kart Tour, and so drifting around corners while dodging obstacles is the game's bread and butter, though much like its competition from Nintendo, this is a game filled with in-app purchases, so expect a plethora of customization options that are available for purchase should you want to deck out your racer and kart.

The trailer above offers a quick look at what you can expect from KartRider Rush+. As you can see, the game brings a plethora of familiar modes, such as Speed Races, a Story Mode, a Ranked Mode, and an Arcade Mode that offers several race-types of its own. For the most part, the gameplay hinges on whether or not you can complete drifts around each corner in order to earn extra boost, which will help to ensure your place at the lead of the pack.

Of course, a kart racer like this succeeds or fails on whether or not it has competent controls, and since Mario Kart Tour was panned at launch for its awkward swipe-based inputs, it's nice to see that KartRider Rush+ offers your typical left and right directional controls (with a separate drift button), which allows for more precision than swiping haphazardly on the screen. Sadly there is no support for physical controllers, so everyone's going to have to use the touch controls, which at the very least allow for an even playfield when jumping online.

As far as online play is concerned, you'll first have to work your way through a forced tutorial that looks as though it simulates online play. It was clear I was winning my first matches a little too easily. Once the game opens up, you'll be able to jump into real matches with real players, or even jump into an in-game group with your friends.

Now, since this is a Nexon release, the game is free-to-play, and yes, it contains a boatload of in-app purchases, which just so happen to range all the way up to $89.99 per item. Luckily it would appear that the majority of IAPs are for cosmetics that don't affect gameplay, and so you shouldn't have to worry about any pay-to-win shenanigans, though Nexon could easily change this setup in the future.

All in all, KartRider Rush+ is surprisingly a competent mobile kart racer that offers excellent graphics, adequate controls, worthwhile gameplay that includes online matchmaking, not to mention a fair monetization system that primarily sells cosmetics. It's basically what everyone was hoping Mario Kart Tour would be, and while I'm sure people will scoff at the outrageous amount of cosmetics for sale, and the lack of controller support, as we all know, things could be much worse.

Press Release

The Race Is On! KartRider Rush+ Available Today Worldwide!

Mobile Kart Racer Reaches 5 Million Global Pre-Registrations Ahead of Launch

LOS ANGELES – May 12, 2020 – Prepare for a thrilling ride as free-to-play mobile kart racer, KartRider Rush+, launches on iOS and Android devices today. Buckle up to experience a robust set of tracks, innovative and diverse game modes and countless kart customization options that redefine the world of kart racing games.

The latest iteration of the insanely popular KartRider franchise, KartRider Rush+ features over 50 race tracks and 20 karts at launch delivering unmatched kart and character customization options, ranging from decals, plates, skins and more.

KartRider Rush+ is built for bursts of gameplay on the go or longer durations played with fellow racers offering something for everyone with several modes including:

Story Mode: Story Mode allows players to fully immerse themselves in the game, learning about character backstories and showcasing various game modes.
Speed Race Mode: This mode challenges racers to compete against each other and use their drifting skills to earn EXP that can unlock more challenging tracks.
Arcade Mode: Whether playing solo or in teams, players can enjoy additional gameplay options within Arcade Mode, such as Item Race, Infini-Boost and Lucci Runner.
Ranked Mode: From Bronze to Living Legend, players can rank up tiers and earn rewards such as K-Coins to purchase a variety of items in the Shop.
Time Trial: This mode is all about beating the clock to become the fastest racer.
For players looking to achieve ultimate racing prowess, KartRider Rush+ introduces a Mentorship System, which allows racers to team up with mentors to improve their skills or sign up as mentors to guide other players. All players participating in this system will receive mentorship perks and rewards. The Club System also makes it easy for racers to join forces and work together to complete challenges, daily activities and earn rewards.

Additionally, all players will be able to claim the pre-registration milestone rewards until May 25th, 2020. Pre-registration rewards include Skelemech Kart, Slugger Dao Character, Angel Wing Headset, Star Driftmoji and Love Candy Balloon added as a bonus item after reaching 5 million pre-registrations ahead of launch.

To celebrate the launch, KartRider Rush+ has partnered with iconic peripheral manufacturer, HyperX. As part of the partnership, KartRider Rush+ will host giveaways of HyperX gaming peripherals including the HyperX Cloud MIX™ headset and the HyperX ChargePlay Clutch™ designed for longer, more comfortable gaming sessions.

KartRider Rush+ is available globally in multiple languages including English, Korean, Thai, and Traditional Chinese. Visit for the latest updates and information.

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About KartRider Rush+
Based on the popular online gaming phenomenon, KartRider, KartRider Rush+ is a free-to-play kart racing mobile game delivering all the racing action of its namesake on iOS and Android devices. With gorgeous 3D graphics, KartRider Rush+ offers players robust tracks, karts and game modes, just like its online counterpart accommodating every level, from racing novice to drifting champion.

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KartRider Rush+
KartRider Rush+
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