It's been a while since we got any new Nest products, but Google did promise improved subscription plans last year. Now, those plans are finally rolling out. In the coming days, Nest users will be able to migrate to the new Aware plans, which start at $6 per month for all your cameras.

Previously, each Nest camera in your home added to the cost of the service. That was unusual for the security camera market and one of the primary marks against Nest. The new plans support all your cameras for one monthly price, but the two plans have different capabilities.

The base Nest Aware for $6 per month has 30 days of event history but no continuous recording. So, they only record and save clips when triggered by movement (based on your settings). That might be preferable if you've got limited bandwidth at home and don't want cameras constantly uploading video. You can also get a yearly version of this subscription for $60.

If you want continuous recording, there's the $12 monthly Nest Aware Plus. This option has 10 days of 24/7 video history. You also get 60 days of video history for events only. A year of Nest Aware Plus is discounted to $120.

Both standard and Plus plans will gain integrated 911 call support in the Google Home app. If you're looking to pick up more cameras, the classic Cam indoor is now $130, down from $200. The cameraless Nest Hub is also permanently down to $90, which is still more than many of the sales we've seen.

Google says there will be an option to move to the new plans instantly in the Google Store. However, you can only do so if you've migrated your Nest account to Google logins. There's the other shoe. Unfortunately, you can't migrate to a Google account with advanced protection enabled