Google has just announced that a new search "experience" for Google Earth has rolled out. In addition to simply being more attractive, the new layout shows your search history, offers featured content and must-see views, and lets you search for data layers as well as places.

Above: New search on the web. Below: Before and after comparisons on mobile (images from Google). 

The changes aren't just visual, they're functional. In addition to offering recommendations for content, search itself now divides out its results into at least four categories: Places, Games and Quizzes, Data Layers, and Guided Tours, with options to expand each for more targeted results, plus an easy tab-based system to switch between them once you have.


New search on Android.

Google says that the change is live now on Android, iOS, and the web, and we can confirm it's present on all three, potentially tied to a recent update we spotted rolling out in the last couple of days. You can check out the redesigned search for yourself over on the Play Store or via the Google Earth site.

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