Saving the places you frequently visit is a neat way to take location-based actions across Google services quickly. In Assistant, you can ask for traffic around your office before leaving or navigate your way to the supermarket. But there isn’t an easy way to manually check weather and traffic conditions around your saved locations if you want to avoid talking to the voice bot. Google is seemingly trying to bridge the gap by adding a pair of direct buttons, but it still takes a few taps to get there.

Your places’ sits under the first tab of Assistant’s settings menu. It's where you can add your home and work locations, along with any other custom places that you frequent. Those with the older UI will only see the option to add or delete these locations, but the newer UI adds a couple of buttons under each pinned place for checking traffic and weather, as shown in the included screenshot. These buttons do exactly what they say and make things easier, but reaching them is still a bit of a chore.

Left: Old, Right: New

These new options have so far only appeared for one of our regular tipsters and a few of our team members, while none of my phones have it yet, despite running the Google app’s latest stable version 11.9.15. This indicates a server-side switch that could be gradually rolling out.

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  • Nick Cipriani