Motorola used to be almost unrivaled for quick updates while under Google's guardianship, but that hasn't been true for many years now. These days, it usually provides just one update, but that would have been a bit unreasonable for a $1,500 device. The company today announced that its Razr foldable phone is getting the Android 10 update starting today, with a second Android 11 update also confirmed down the line.

Aside from the standard Android 10 additions, Motorola's prime focus for this update went to the Quick View display (the small display on the front of the phone when closed). You can now swipe left on it to access your favorite contacts and swipe right to take a selfie, with camera modes available through there. It's also easier to reply to messages with Smart Reply. Integration with Google Maps navigation and music apps like Spotify, YouTube Music, and Pandora has been improved through the Quick View display as well. If you'd like a closer look, our friend Michael Fisher over at the MrMobile channel has an exclusive first look at Android 10.

The update is set to roll out today in all markets, though we don't know when the rollout will complete. Android 11 has been confirmed for the Razr, at least on US-market phones, though there's no timetable available just yet. The Android 11 news comes as a bit of a surprise given Motorola's recent one-update-per-phone track record, but we're glad someone made the call to adjust that for the company's expensive flagship.